Save the date. The Blind community comes together for a concert for blind Ukrainian refugees on 16 April

On 24 February, Russian forces invaded Ukraine. The death toll is mounting. Families have been torn apart as some seek refuge in other countries, while others stay to fight for their country's freedom.
Disabled people are experiencing particularly difficult times.
The situation has made many of us feel helpless and heartsick. But there are things we can do, ways we can help.
On Saturday 16 April at 2 PM Eastern time in North America, 7 PM in the UK, 4 AM in Eastern Australia, , the global online blind community is joining together for a virtual benefit concert to help blind Ukrainian refugees, and of course we welcome sighted people too.
We welcome all styles of music, as well as poets and storytellers.
The event will be carried across several Internet radio stations in the blind community including Mushroom FM, as we all unite to show our solidarity and support.
If you would like to learn more, whether it be about how to be a part of the line-up or how to listen, please visit
More to come, as we stand with Ukraine.