Clocks go forward in North America this weekend. here's what it all means in a global fungal sense

It's the time of year again, well, one of them, where the times of your favourite Mushroom FM shows may change. We had to pick a time zone, so when we founded Mushroom FM in 2010, we picked North American Eastern time. Daylight saving begins there this weekend.

If your clocks are not going forward this weekend, then that means shows will start at a different time for you. For example, since the UK and Europe won't spring forward until later in the month, for a short time, shows will start an hour earlier. Shows start an hour earlier in other countries too, including Australia and New Zealand. The easiest way to keep track of things is to use the Mushroom Fm schedule page, where we display the shows in your own time zone.
Happy messing about with time.