Radio with Pictures. Video Streaming of the Mosen Explosion New Year Event

Hi everyone, we always enjoy pushing the boundaries and doing some cool new things for our new year event. This year, for those of you who'd like to see as well as hear the party, we'll be offering it as a video stream on Live Stream. The audio will be the same as you hear on Mushroom FM, except that it is in mono, so if you don't need the audio, you'll still get a much better experience on Mushroom FM itself.
But if you'd like to see the studio at Mosen Towers on a small screen, then you can download the Live Stream app for iOS and Android and sign up, or get a free Live Stream account from
You can follow me on Live Stream by searching on my name, Jonathan Mosen. If you're using one of the mobile apps, you'll get a push notification when we go live with the video stream.
If you'd like to view the stream on your PC, once you have an account, you can visit
For our friends and family around the world who enjoy seeing what's happening in the studio, we hope this will add a new and exciting dimension to the event. Whether you watch or listen, we hope you'll accept the invitation to our party.
Remember, it's not long to go. The fun starts at 9 PM here in New Zealand, 3 AM Eastern, 8 AM UK.