A decade on, join Bonnie and me for a special anniversary Mosen Explosion

It was 10 years ago, on 4 March 2012, that a Mushroom FM listener named Bonnie Lannom co-hosted the Mosen Explosion I was doing live from Boston, where I was visiting for work. We often wonder how different our lives would have been if she had been doing something else that day, or I had decided to do the show solo. Few couples of fortunate enough to have such a detailed recording of their first proper conversation, but we still have that show, and listen to it occasionally. Clearly, there was a rapport there, but we would have laughed if you had told either of us that we would, some time after, end up a married couple, and that Bonnie would move halfway around the world to New Zealand.
We’ll be playing some of the music we played on that 4 March 2012 show, reminiscing about it, and all these years on, Bonnie will reflect on what it’s like to live in New Zealand, the things she still finds weird and the things she likes.

The Mosen Explosion first airs at 2 AM US Eastern time and replays 12 hours later. And 2 Pm Eastern time will be exactly 10 years to the moment that our show began back then. You can check the Mushroom FM Schedule page to find out when it’s on in your time zone, but it’s 7 AM or PM in the UK, and 8 PM or AM in New Zealand.

See you soon for the jolly old Mosen Explosion.