At 9 PM NZ Time, 3 AM Eastern, 8 AM UK, Join us live for New Year in New Zealand

Whew! That 2015 galloped past in a flash, didn't it? I mean totally, like, whew!

Now it's time to say farewell to 2015, and ring in the new year, with all its potential for renewal.

With New Zealand being 18 hours ahead of Eastern time, 21 hours ahead of Pacific, and 13 hours ahead of the UK, the team at Mosen Towers are happy to beta test 2016 for you, and let you know it's going to be all right. We'll begin at 9 PM New Zealand time on new year's eve, that's 3 AM Eastern, 8 AM UK, midnight Pacific. We'll be partying our way through the last three hours of 2015 in New Zealand with some upbeat party tunes, live music with Kylee Maloney, and plenty of reflections on the outgoing year and hopes for the new one from you via email, Twitter and the explodaphone. And we'll be here to see in the new year and take you through the world's first hour of 2016. Thanks to the marvels of tech and time zones, we'll stream from 2016 back to those of you who still have to catch up.

I've always enjoyed broadcasting on new year, and did it several times during my commercial radio career. Later, in 1999, using very primitive technology, I took a mobile phone into the heart of Wellington city and streamed from the 2000 celebrations. A year later, we did a 12-hour extravaganza to herald the start of the real new millennium, for everyone who knows that you don't start counting from the number 0. We even put on a genuine fireworks display.

And since 2009, every consecutive year, we've done these four hour new year's shows. Many people wake up at stupid o'clock for them, and we're glad they've become as much apart of others' new year traditions as they have ours.

So, no matter where you are, celebrate the new year as early as it's possible to, by joining us live in New Zealand from 9 PM until 1 AM, that's 3 AM Eastern, midnight Pacific, 8 AM UK. And the best bit? It's back on the home of the fun guys, which is one of the many cool things that has happened in this outgoing year, the return of Mushroom FM. See you there.