Deep Dive goes wow, wow, wow

This week on deep dive we enjoy the diverse talents of singer and actor from Australia Kylie Minogue. We get lucky lucky lucky, do the locomotion, and really enjoy the dance moves and music.

You can listen to deep dive at 4 PM Eastern on Monday, which is 8 AM in eastern Australia. Or at 6 AM Eastern Wednesday, which is 10 PM in eastern Australia. This is the first program of our pre-Christmas Australian extravaganza.

If you would like to suggest an artist or band for the program, please email Mail me and let me know who they are. Tell me your favourite songs and some of your memories from the artist, and I will play them for you. Or, alternatively, you could attach a sound recording containing this information to your email and join me on the show. I would really enjoy that.

Deep dive, coming to you from the home of the fun guys.