The Shape of The Show

I'm thinking about changing the name of the program to Snowman Radio, because that's what I happen to call it half the time. And, SnowWhiteFM is my neighborhood radio station, that is the real seat of the program. It lives here. I like my jingles, and the mushroom management is gracious enough to let me use them. But, The twitter address is still SnowWhiteFM.
So that's what all the confusing branding is about. If that makes any sense to you, then you've probably been eating some magic MushroomFM's.
So, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately abot this show, and what it is, what it should be, and what , if anything, it should do about itself. I think it is taking on an interesting shape, a shape that may sharpen with the passage of time, kind of by accident, as a response to the belief that there are basically three main kinds of people who listen to the show:
1.People who like pop music from the 60's 70's and 80's, The really like my selections. And they'd love the show if I just didn't talk so darned much, just rambling on about nothing. Get on with the music! will ya?
2.People who like to hear me talk, think I'm funny, and like to think about the things I say. They'd listen to the show if they didn't have to wade through all that music just to get to the little nuggets.
3.People who would listen to anything if it beat doing nothin'.

So, at any one time, I can have people from two categories listening, 1 and 3, or 2 and 3. But, 1 and 2 conflict, and may be substantial in size. So, how to deal with that.

In response, I have subconsciously found myself being more talkative in the first hour, and playing a little less music, interjecting between every song. What I do play is pmostly up-beat.

In hour two, I start talking a little less as the hour proceeds, and continue playing mostly, but not exclusively, up beat. In faact, that middle hour tends to very gradually slow down as time progresses.

The last hour might start out strong, but it rapidly civilizes itself, and becomes more relaxed, aeven gentle. And by the end, it's a nice time to relax, and think about getting some sleep.

That's the shape I'll generally be following. So, If you're a jabber junky, and you want to hear me talking, and screwing around, making coffee and wasting time, the first hour is your playground. I'll play some tracks. But, they'll be a little more spread out.

If the talk bugs you, you'll be more comfortable after 9 eastern. And, if you prefer the sweet, mellow stuff, come spend a quality hour with me at 10. It's live Saturday nights, starting at 8PM eastern.

And thanks for being a part of my life, by letting me share this part of myself with you, and hopefully to bring enjoyment and happiness into yours.

The Snowman