Intermittent Mushroom Escape Outages

The Internet is a strange and not-always-wonderful thing. We here at Mushroom Escape have been blessed with rock-solid Internet access for over a decade. With that in mind, we recently, as many of you may know, changed the way we run Mushroom Escape so that it is not being completely run out of the station manager's living room using his personal Internet. It has been wonderful.

Recently, however, we have been experiencing intermittent Internet outages. We are still trying to track down their cause, and we have no idea how long these outages will persist. This means that, for the forseeable future, Mushroom Escape may continue going down from time to time until we are able to resolve the issue. We can't tell you how sorry we are about the inconvenience this causes. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and on giving you, the listener, a reliable and consistent listening experience.

So we ask for your patience and understanding as we try to get this sorted out. Mushroom Escape listeners are the best, and we appreciate you beyond words. We promise you we will have this resolved just as soon as possible, and in the meantime we will do our utmost to keep Escape running and its content fresh. Thank you for making Mushroom Escape the wonderful project it is for me.

On another note, if you want to follow all things Mushroom Escape, please follow us on Twitter at @Mushroom_Escape. My personal Twitter account is also free for the following: @Bruce_Toews.

Thank You All So Much,
Bruce Toews
Station Manager,
Mushroom Escape