There’s a big ol’ party on Time Tunnel Tunes this week!

There’s a big ol’ party on Time Tunnel Tunes this week! Join me, Geno J for another three hours of great music from another specific year tomorrow, Wednesday (July 28th, 2021) at 6 pm Eastern! If you would like to choose a year or learn more about this week's episode, keep reading!

Last week, we featured the year 1989 and I have another year for you. This week, Dire Straits and their album, “Love Over Gold” is the focus of your ‘Time Tunnel Twin Spin’, and Soft Cell takes on Marilyn Manson during your ‘Time Tunnel Tribute’. You will also hear some clues and hints, celebrity birthdays, a plethora of guests, and a whole lot more!

To guess the year, or at least tune in, just join me, Geno J tomorrow, Wednesday (July 28th, 2021) at 6 pm, or on the replay Saturday, (July 31st, 2021) at 4 am Eastern. Tuning in is pretty straightforward. Just go to or summon your smart speaker or mobile device and tell it to "Play Mushroom FM on TuneIn" or use ‘My Simple Radio’ and find us there!

Your guesses and feedback are always welcome. You can email at 'GenoJ at MushroomFM dot com' or send a tweet to @ItsJustGenoJ on Twitter with the #MushroomFM hashtag. If you are looking for even more ways to get in touch though, you can visit my personal website at as well.

I really do hope you can join me for this week's episode of Time Tunnel Tunes, here on the only station home to the fun guys, playing four fabulous decades of magic Mushroom memories, Mushroom FM, and I look forward to hearing from you all then!