Deep Dive poisons pigeons in the park

This week on Deep Dive we hear the music and comedy of Tom Lehrer. We do the Masochism tango, find that the wild west is where we want to be, and be prepared.

To listen tune in at 4 PM Eastern Monday, which is 6 AM Tuesday in Eastern Australia, or at 6 AM Eastern Wednesday, which is 8 PM in Eastern Australia. Simply go to one of the rooms where you have a SmartThing and say Play Mushroom FM and you'll be whisked to reminisce with this entertaining comedian. And I'll be there as well.

For your own involvement in Deep Dive email with the name of an artist or band you want to heareasome of your favourite songs, and your memories of them. If they fall within the four mushroom decades your wish will be granted. Better still, attach a recording of your wishes to your email and you can join me on the show. What awesome fun it would be to have you there.

Mushroom FM, full of fun guys and great music.