Deep Dive is on top of the world

This week on Deep Dive we enjoy the beautiful harmony of sibling duo the Carpenters. We long to be close to you, say goodbye to love, express our disapproval for rainy days and Mondays and find that breaking up is hard to do.

Daylight saving intervenes again this weekend, so tune in at 4 PM Eastern Monday, which is 6 AM Tuesday in Eastern Australia. Or at 6 AM Eastern Wednesday, which is 10 PM in Eastern Australia. Just tell your SmartSpeaker to play Mushroom FM, you'll hear the jingle telling you that you have arrived.

If you would like to join me on the show, and someone is doing that next week, email me and tell me your favourite band or artist, the songs you like, and some of your memories. Or come into the studio with me through the wonders of a sound recording attached to your email.

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