Deep Dive goes on surfin safari

This week on Deep Dive we enjoy the wonderful harmonies and great lyrics of 60s rock and surf band the Beach Boys. We here about Barbara Anne, ask Rhonda for help, have fun fun fun in the T-bird and go to Kokomo. I just love the Beach Boys sound, so we have a little less talk this week and a whole lot more music.

You can hear the programme at 4 PM Eastern on Monday, which is currently 7 AM Tuesday in Eastern Australia, and again at 6 AM Eastern Wednesday, which is 9 PM in Eastern Australia.

The Beach Boys were my pick, but you can choose the artists we here on the show. Email me with the name of your band or artist, your favourite songs, and some of your memories.

Just ask your SmartThing to take you to Mushroom FM and you will be there. I would love you to join me.
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