It's the Great Dictator, Exploding in The Zone

At 4 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. in the UK, I'm going to be in the zone again!
Unfortunately, wee Anne Cosgrove who was looking forward to being with you again after a week away, has been stricken! Stricken I tell you! She has a horrible cold, and is not fit to talk, so I'll be talking and playing music instead.

We'll have plenty of great music, with an emphasis on Christmas music because it's that time of year. And I'm keen to hear from you, via email and Twitter, about Christmas presents good and bad. What are some of the best, and worst, Christmas presents you've ever received? Have you ever given a Christmas present that was embarrassingly rejected or inappropriate in retrospect? How do you feel about receiving gift certificates for Christmas? Is it the thought that counts, and are you glad that you have the opportunity to get something you really want, or are they impersonal and lacking in thought?

We'll talk about all these things, and much more, when we do some exploding in the zone, right after welcome to the weekend, here on mushroom FM. And, if you haven't voted in the holiday countdown yet, cast your vote today. Hee Haw!
PS. This message was dictated using J dictate and Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I just bought them today, so I'm using them for everything because it's so accurate and fun. So finally, I can truly say, I am a great dictator!