On the Move with Mushroom Escape

So What's Going On, Anyway?
As Jonathan explained in a previous blog entry, Mushroom FM has switched to a new streaming service. This offers several behind-the-scene benefits to us here at the station, and necessitated some changes to be made. On Friday, Mushroom Escape followed suit and cut over to the new service as well.

Listening to Mushroom Escape
When you switch streaming services, there is inevitably going to be a series of growing pains. Directories such as TuneIn, OoTunes, Tap-In Radio, Apple Music, and My Tuner Radio don't always point to the playlist file, which means they need to be informed of changes to the streaming services. These directories don't always get updated immediately, so we need to wait for them to update.

In the meantime, you can now listen to Mushroom Escape in a number of ways, which will be outlined below.

Victor Reader Stream/Trek
If you are using a Victor Reader Stream or Trek, you can get to Mushroom Escape by choosing it in the Humanware Suggested Playlist. From there you can add it to your favorites. At the moment, you are unable to play Escape when you find it in an OoTunes search, though this is being worked on and we hope to have it up and running very shortly.

Winamp and Other Such Players
Ah, now we're getting a bit geeky and we love that. The playlist files have been updated at http://mushroomfm.com/escape and you can grab a current .pls file from there. You can also just listen from there too, if you prefer.

But cutting right to the chase, if you would like the direct URL to put into a streaming media player, you should use:

We know that Tunein, for example, is not yet updated. Please know that we are working hard to get all these directories updated. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to direct them to me, Bruce Toews, at bruce at mushroomfm dot com. Thank you all for your understanding, and thank you so much for listening to Mushroom Escape.