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Kia ora Mosen At Largers.

A brief comment from one of our listeners has already prompted some very interesting discussion about blind people dating. I realise this can be a personal subject, so if you’d like to write a contribution on it and don’t want your name read out, just let me know in the subject or the first line of the message. You have my word that I will honour your confidentiality request. If we feel safe to talk about this openly, I think we’ll get a fascinating range of experiences and perspectives.

What are some of the challenges you’ve had dating as a blind person, or has it been an easy experience for you? Have you tried online dating? How did you handle issues like including a photo, and whether and when to disclose your blindness or vision impairment?

Do you think the dynamics of a relationship where there are two blind people are different from those where one person is blind and the other sighted? Would you rule out dating a blind person, or a sighted person and if so why? Does gender make a difference?

There are all kinds of really interesting questions here and I hope we can hear a range of experiences. Of course, if you are living happily ever after and want to tell us how you met the love of your life, I would love that, I’m a romantic softy at heart.

As well as that, there’s more on maths equipment of the past including putting it to rather unorthodox use, building the ideal computer for broadcasting, and much more.

Oh, and our feature interview? You won’t want to miss it. I’m joined by the highly talented Shelly Brisbin. We’ll learn a bit about her, and talk about her vast, informative resource, iOS Access for All, which has an update packed with the latest iOS 14 goodness.

As usual, there’s a wide array of blindness and technology topics from listeners on which you may like to comment once you hear them.

If you want to raise something new, you’re very welcome.

Getting your contributions in ahead of time leaves you free to hear the show, and gives me a chance to organise them all, so go for it. Please don’t be shy, I’d love to hear from you. To contribute, send an email with an audio attachment or just written down to Jonathan at, or call the listener line, +18646066736, that’s 1-864-60Mosen.

The best way to hear Mosen At Large is when it airs live and in full. Catch it on Mushroom FM on Saturdays at 2 PM Eastern, that’s 7 PM in the UK. It will then be available in abridged form on the Mosen At Large podcast, available anywhere you get podcasts.

Thank you so much for listening and contributing to the show and see you soon for Mosen At Large.