Mushroom FM is presently off the air, but Mushroom Escape is unaffected

Hi everyone, it's Jonathan letting you know that at present, Mushroom FM is off the air. This is due to an outage with the provider of our streaming media servers, which is the last link in the chain that sees what we broadcast making it to you.

All our own systems over which we have control are working perfectly. This means that once the issue is resolved by our streaming server provider, everything should return to normal by itself. That's good, since it's late in the evening here in New Zealand and it's time to get some rest.

My best suggestion at this stage is that if you were looking forward to a Mushroom Fm show, try tuning in periodically to see if the outage is over.

The good news is that Mushroom Escape, our spoken word stream with drama and comedy, is not affected. That's because we use a different streaming media provider for that station. It's Saturday at the described movies today, so do tune in.

Thanks for your patience, and we have everything crossed that the outage won't be too long.