Coming up this weekend on Mosen At Large, we reach three figures

Kia ora Mosen At Largers.

I’ve been a bit prolific in the podcast feed this week, which means that when I publish the podcast version of the live Mushroom FM show, it will be episode 100.

This show has taken off in astounding ways and I can only say a profound thanks for all the discussion and contributions that have made that possible. We’ve debated, helped each other out, reminisced and had a few laughs, and I think that is very special.

Australia is making global headlines at the moment as Facebook seeks to exclude all Australian news from its platform. While they’ve very much used the sledge hammer to crack a nut approach in typical Facebook style, which has hardly endeared them to anyone, I think they have a very valid point. Mate! I never thought I would sympathise with Facebook about anything! I’ll explain my concerns and I welcome your thoughts on the situation.

We continue to receive feedback on the issue of how disability rights and religious rights co-exist, particularly regarding the passage of guide dogs. All perspectives very welcome.

Our feature segment this week is all about Clubhouse, the audio social network that is iPhone only and invitation only. With an update that has rendered it very useable by VoiceOver users, it’s taking the blind community by storm. So, what does it do, why would you want to be on yet another social network, and if it’s invitation only, how do you get on the thing?

We’ll talk Apple, Braille, and a whole bunch of other soup.

As usual, there’s a wide array of blindness and technology topics from listeners on which you may like to comment once you hear them.

If you want to raise something new, you’re very welcome.

Getting your contributions in ahead of time leaves you free to hear the show, and gives me a chance to organise them all, so go for it. Please don’t be shy, I’d love to hear from you. To contribute, send an email with an audio attachment or just written down to Jonathan at, or call the listener line, +18646066736, that’s 1-864-60Mosen.

The best way to hear Mosen At Large is when it airs live and in full on Mushroom FM on Saturdays at 2 PM Eastern, that’s 7 PM in the UK. It will then be available in abridged form on the Mosen At Large podcast, available anywhere you get podcasts.

Thank you so much for listening and contributing to the show, and see you soon for Mosen At Large.