Join Jonathan and Anthony live for a Waitangi Day Special, all New Zealand music

6 February is Waitangi Day, New Zealand's national day which celebrates the signing of the treaty between the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand and European settlers.

As has become something of a tradition, we have a special Waitangi Day show where you can hear some great New Zealand music from our four decades of magic mushroom memories, and perhaps a little beyond that on occasion.

If you're a regular Mushroom FM listener, you'll hear some familiar songs but there'll be plenty that will be new to you. And if you're a New Zealander, it'll bring back many memories.

The show is live, so you're welcome to get in touch via email or Twitter.

You can hear the Waitangi Day special, with Jonathan and Anthony, at 9 PM Eastern on Friday 5 February, that's 2 AM on Saturday in the UK, and 3 PM here in New Zealand on Saturday afternoon.

We look forward to your company.