Deep Dive takes a break

During the Australian summer - until Australia day on 26 January - Deep Dive will be taking a break. However, we will still be around on Mushroom FM playing five encore shows which you have chosen.

We'll hear from
* A male American singer and Comedian,
* A female singer with Caribean roots who made her career in the United Kingdom,
* An american rock band with a real southern sound,
* A female american singer who is simply the best, and
* An english male singer and pianist who is still standing.

I hope that you will enjoy all of these programmes. Tune in each week to hear them at 4 PM Eastern Monday, which is 8 AM Tuesday in Eastern Australia. Or at 6 AM Eastern Wednesday which is 10 PM in Eastern Australia.

After Australia day Deep Dive will be back live, focussing on one artist for one hour. I'm looking forward to being your host, and to hearing from you on the show.