The tradition continues. Join us virtually at Mosen Towers for one of the first new year's parties in the world

There may come a time when we’ll be sitting in our rocking chairs, boring our grandchildren senseless about the tough times of 2020 and how young people today don’t know what hard times are. But right now, 2020 is our reality and it’s been incredibly challenging for many. This year is also a special one because it heralds the end of a decade and the start of a new one with all its promise and uncertainty.

Continuously since 2009, every year from Mosen Towers we’ve brought you the end of the old year and the beginning of the new from New Zealand, where the new year arrives way before most places. This year is no exception, and at a time when many new year celebrations around the world are being curtailed, I hope you’ll join us for some great music and fun company. If you’re located where it’s not safe to go to a party, let us bring the party to you.

The fun starts as usual at 3 AM North American Eastern time, that’s 8 AM in the UK, and most importantly in the case of this particular broadcast, 9 PM on new year’s eve in New Zealand. It will run for four hours, meaning we’ll bid this year a not so fond farewell, give it a good kick in the butt on its way out, and usher in a new decade.

It's live, unpredictable, and plenty of fun. I hope you’ll join us live, only on Mushroom FM.