Voting is open now for our top 100 holiday countdown. Vote, and be invited to our Christmas party

You've been asking about it, and we're delighted to confirm that it's back. At a time when we sure could use a bit of fun and stability in our lives, we're inviting you once again to compile our holiday chart. When you vote, you get an invitation to our famous virtual Christmas party too.

It's all explained on our voting page at

Tell your family, tell your friends. Lobby for the song you want to reach number one this year, maybe even be influenced by various fun guys doing some lobbying of their own, all done in the name of fungal festive fun.

If you want to hear a demonstration of how the online voting system works, check out episode 88 of the Mosen At Large podcast, available anywhere you get your podcasts.

We're looking forward to your votes, to playing the tunes for you, and to some fungal festive fun on 20 December from 9 AM to 7 PM Eastern.