Join us on 09/09 as we switch off something old and switch on something brand new

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by any radio station making a change. Whether it was a move to a new studio, a change of frequency or a new format, I wanted to be there for the moment of the transition to see what it was like. I think many blind people who have grown up with a love of radio feel the same.

That’s why we’re making a bit of an occasion out of a big change at Mushroom FM.

For almost four and a half years, the heart of Mushroom FM has been a computer we lovingly nicknamed the Mushroom Pot. It has served us well, acting as the hub for our Mushroom FM voice tracking system, taking your requests during the hours we put you in charge through one of our request stops and serving up our great syndicated shows.

But now it’s time for the original Mushroom Pot to be retired. It will be replaced by a much more powerful, more capable purpose-built computer that will provide great service for our team and set the scene for some exciting new features we have planned. This is the Internet radio equivalent of a move to much more plush studios with all new equipment.

The outgoing Mushroom Pot has served our wonderful listeners over 35,000 hours of programming. That is quite incredible. So we’ll be bidding it a fond farewell before we give it a dignified burial.

Join the fun guys at 8 PM US Eastern time on Wednesday for the current Mushroom Pot’s final hour. Many of the team will pop in, say a tearful goodbye and share some memories.

And then, at 9 PM Eastern on the 9th day of the 9th month, we’ll press the button that launches an exciting new era for Mushroom FM on the air. Every component of this new Mushroom Pot 2.0 has been hand-picked for speed, performance, reliability and audio quality. We’ve carefully tested and optimised the hardware and software, so now it only remains to see if it all works.

We’ll have a special programme at 9 PM, the first from the new technology that will serve us well into our second decade of broadcasting.

Radio station changes are fun, unless you’re on this side of one of course, then they are tense. Do keep us company, 8 PM Eastern for the final hour of the current Mushroom Pot, and 9 PM Eastern on 09/09 as we make the change.

Innovating to keep you entertained, it’s Mushroom FM. Check us out wherever you get your Internet radio.