Information Please and Crime Classics on the next Dusty Attic

Tune into the Dusty Attic on Mushroom Escape every Monday at 12AM, 4AM, 8AM, 12PM, 4PM and 8PM Eastern. It’s the program where we celebrate the Golden Age of Radio; that blissful period between 1930 and somewhere in the 1950’s when radio entertainment reigned supreme.

On the next episode, we’ll feature a popular high-brow quiz show from the 1940’s called, Information, Please. It’s the kind of program that you listen to and either celebrate the fact that there are smart people in the world, or get angry that you didn’t pass up another round with the guys for a study night alone in your dorm room. I must confess that I fall into the latter camp. Give it a listen and revel in your own ignorance.

We’ll also sample an obscure series from late in radio’s run called, Crime Classics. It’s a show that narrates the baser elements of the human soul with whit and flippancy. The title of the show Ryan is offering for you is, “Good Evening. My Name Is Jack the Ripper.” Friends, if a title like that doesn’t compel you to listen, we can’t do anything for ya.

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He won’t send you cash if he can’t answer your questions, but if you’re lucky, Bruce might send you a braille copy of the Encyclopedia Britannica.