A Dummy and a Rogue on the Next Dusty Attic

Tune in to The Dusty Attic with Ryan O. every Monday on Mushroom Escape. It's the show that spotlights the very best of the Golden Age of Radio, that magical period between roughly 1930 and sometime in the 1950s, when radio reigned supreme in American entertainment. The show airs at midnight, 4 AM, 8 AM, noon, 4 PM and 8 PM Eastern time.

This week we start the show with a dummy. That's dummy as in a wooden puppet. Edgar Bergen will be along as the ventriloquist, with his marionette Charlie McCarthy. Edgar Bergen, by the way, is the father of the actress Candice Bergen. The team of Bergen and McCarthy was surprisingly popular in radio in the 1930s and 1940s. Is it still funny material today? You decide.

We follow that up with a sort of Prequel to the movie The Third Man, as Orson Wells stars in The Lives of Harry Lime. This show is worth the price of admission, even if only for the zither music. Ryan will tell you the story of the show, an attempt by Wells to allow him to continue in the lifestyle to which he was accustomed.

If you have any comments about the show, Ryan would love to hear from you, just drop him an e-mail at ryano@rtbs.org. In the meantime, please join Ryan Monday for some more great old-time radio entertainment on Mushroom Escape.