The Mosen Explosion, le spectacle doit continuer

Many of us have been glued to devices, radio and TV over this bleak weekend, as the horror from paris and its aftermath have unfolded. Maybe we took the time to hold those we love extra closely.
Many people outside of France have returned to some degree of normality, keeping an eye on developments. But for those who've lost loved ones, or who live in a frightened nation, the atrocities are not so easily put behind them.
We'll begin this week's show with a short tribute to those who were so cruelly massacred.
Then, the show will go on. Because if we do not continue to go about our lives, evil and terror is triumphant.
We're celebrating another birthday that makes you want to say, "wow, can that really be true"? But it is. Petula Clark is celebrating her 83rd birthday, and we'll celebrate by playing a selection of her groovy tunes. You're very welcome to suggest a song.
We sure could use a bit of light relief right now, and the wacky news is here to help you out.
We've got this day in history, and the incredible Bonnie is here with another Bonnie Bulletin.
All this and much more coming up on The Mosen Explosion, at 2 Pm Eastern, 7 PM UK, 8 AM in New Zealand. It's exclusive to Mushroom FM.