On Mosen At Large this week, what's your favourite Bluetooth keyboard, would you buy an iPhone without a charger in the box, and is it OK when people use the word "blind" to mean "ignorant or stupid"?

Kia ora koutou after a very cold and blustery Wellington week. I’m looking forward to being back with you for another edition of Mosen At Large this week. We already have plenty of listener contributions lined up but there is room for yours.

Here are just some of the things we’ll be talking about.

Ironically, while some people do all they can to avoid the “B” word at all costs to describe those of us who can’t see, using instead “sightless”, “unsighted”, “visually challenged” and more, the word “blind” can also be used to mean ignorance, stupidity or even prejudice. For example, someone might “blindly” adhere to the platform of the political party they support, which means they do so without giving it thought. People are sometimes described as being “blind” to the suffering of others. Is this acceptable? Do we simply accept that words can have different meanings, or are we as blind people paying a price for allowing the word “blind” to have all these negative connotations. Let me know what you think.

As I’ve mentioned briefly in recent episodes, I have developed a workflow for working with Markdown documents on all my devices. This includes my iPhone, my Focus 40 Blue Braille display and Word on my PC. It has given me the Freedom to work equally well and create well-structured documents on any device I happen to have to hand. I’ll give you an audio explanation and tutorial on how it all works. If you’ve not heard of markdown before, I’ll explain what it is, why you might want to use it, and some of the most used markdown commands.

Bluetooth keyboards. There are so many of them and they are handy wee beasts that can help us use a wide range of devices efficiently. Which ones do you like and why?

There is plenty more feedback on new Braille displays, including the Hims QBraille and APH Mantis Q40.

Several usually reliable sources are reporting that at least some of Apple’s new iPhones will come with no charger in the box. Are Apple doing the right thing, and would no charger in the box be a show stopper for you?

We’ll talk more about echolocation and facial vision, have a microphone review and Bonnie will be here with her bulletin.

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See you soon for Mosen At Large.