An important note for those still using Internet Explorer and the Mushroom FM Online Player

On Sunday 5 July, Mushroom FM will be performing an upgrade to our online player. This is the player that lets you listen to the fun guys from our website.

Once we perform that upgrade, our online player will no longer support Internet Explorer. Every other method of listening to Mushroom FM, including with a modern browser, will be unaffected.

Why are we doing this? For users of modern browsers, this is all good news. We'll be able to serve you with a high quality sound that takes up half the bandwidth used by the old online player. That's good news if you're listening via our online player when you're using mobile data. If you have limited mobile data access, this change will mean you can listen to Mushroom FM much longer. A full hour of Mushroom FM on our online player would consume 60 MB of data at the moment. Once we do this upgrade, it will only take around 30 MB yet sound just as good.

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is the only browser that doesn't support this technology.

If you're still using IE, sadly you'll have probably noticed more and more sites not behaving very well with it. That's because IE has now had its day. It's an obsolete browser, and while we've hung on a lot longer than most, it's now time to call sunset on our IE support in our online player.

The brand new Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are free, excellent replacements. There are also other accessible, modern options out there.

We're letting you know a week ahead of time so you can make arrangements to upgrade your browser if you need to. We believe this change will affect very few people, as most of our users who listen to us via our online player have already upgraded from IE.

Thank you for continuing to support us. We're sure this change will benefit the majority of the mushroom crowd.