To help us keep connected, Jonathan Mosen is live twice a day every week day

Today I hosted my usual Mosen Explosion, which also forms the basis of my Mosen At Large podcast. Afterwards, I was left with a sense of responsibility and honour.

It was brought home to me that having been doing Internet radio for over 21 years, a familiar voice and a place where our community can get together to share our concerns, fears, hints and tips can make a big difference right now. We had listeners who checked in with the show for the first time in years, because they knew it was a place where they could get some entertainment and also share this experience with people they knew.

Presently, I am required to work from home. This means that for the moment, it is no problem for me to do my week-day Mushroom FM show live. It is normally pre-recorded. Additionally, rather than simply replay the morning airing of the show, I will do a second, completely new show. This means I will be on twice a day for an hour each time.

If our alert level in New Zealand reduces and I return to work, I will need to go back to the usual way of producing the show. However, I want to try the live approach this week and find out if it adds value for those who are looking for connection and familiarity. You are welcome to email, phone and tweet how things are going for you.

The show is on Monday to Friday at 2 AM Eastern time, with another fresh show Monday to Friday at 2 Pm Eastern time. To find out when that is in your time zone, check the Mushroom FM schedule page where we display the schedule in your time zone.

Stay strong, wash your hands, be kind, and I hope this way for us all to connect and help each other through will prove useful.