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From this Saturday at 2am Eastern, that’s 7pm Saturday in NZ, 5pm in Sydney and 6am in the UK, and repeated every four hours throughout the day, it’s the described movie Some Like It Hot from 1959.
Some Like It Hot is a 1959 American black-and-white romantic comedy film directed and produced by Billy Wilder, starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon.
The supporting cast includes George Raft, Pat O'Brien, Joe E. Brown, Joan Shawlee, and Nehemiah Persoff.
The screenplay by Billy Wilder and I. A. L. Diamond is based on a screenplay by Robert Thoeren and Michael Logan from the French film Fanfare of Love.
The film is about two musicians who dress in drag in order to escape from mafia gangsters whom they witnessed committing a crime (inspired by the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre).
Some Like It Hot opened to critical and commercial success and is considered to be one of the greatest films of all time.
The film received six Academy Award nominations, including Best Actor, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay.
It was voted as the top comedy film by the American Film Institute on their list on AFI's 100 Years...100 Laughs poll in 2000, and was selected as the best comedy of all time in a poll of 253 film critics from 52 countries conducted by the BBC in 2017.
In 2005, the British Film Institute included this film on its list of "Top fifty films for children up to the age of 14".
The film was produced without approval from the Motion Picture Production Code because it plays with the idea of homosexuality and features cross-dressing.
The code had been gradually weakening in its scope since the early 1950s, due to greater social tolerance for previously taboo topics in film, but it was still officially enforced until the mid-1960s.
The overwhelming success of Some Like It Hot is considered one of the final nails in the coffin for the Hays Code.
Directed by: Billy Wilder.
Produced by: Billy Wilder.
Screenplay by: Billy Wilder, and I. A. L. Diamond.
Story by: Robert Thoeren and Michael Logan.
Starring: Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, George Raft, Joe E. Brown and Pat O'Brien.
Music by: Adolph Deutsch.
Cinematography: Charles Lang.
Edited by: Arthur P. Schmidt.
Production company: Mirisch Company.
Distributed by: United Artists.
Release date: 29 March, 1959.
Running time: 121 minutes.
Country: United States.
Language: English.
Budget: $2.9 million.
Box office: $40 million.
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