The Mosen Explosion's got the new Beatles Remixes!

Once again, we're back on your thing, no matter what that thing is and where that thing is located. It could be an iThing, a new Apple TV thing, a PC thing, but we're on that thing.
And the thing I hope you'll do with that thing on Sunday at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK, is join me for another edition of The Mosen Explosion.
It's not often that I get to say this, of course, but this week, we feature the new Beatles release! Ooh it feels so good writing that, I'm just gonna write that thing again. This week, we feature the new Beatles release. The Beatles 1 album is out, with new stereo and surround sound mixes. Sadly, the technology doesn't exist for me to stream the surround sound mixes to you, which is a real pity as they are amazing. But the stereo mixes are great too. I'll contrast the difference for you, by playing a couple of the old mixes followed by the new ones that sound strikingly different.
The 1 Deluxe package also features many Beatles music videos, a few have been sort of audio described by Paul. We'll feature a couple.

Roy Wood, from the Electric Light Orchestra, is celebrating a birthday, so we'll get some of your ELO favourites in the mix.
It's a particularly busy day for musical birthdays, so there's an excellent this day in history section.
Bonnie is here with another bulletin, and if I can convince her to wake up early enough, Nicola, the youngest banana, may well co-host with me.
A splendid time is guaranteed for all on this week's Mosen Explosion. It will be even better if you can join me and contribute with your ears, your tweets, and your email.
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