On The Mosen Explosion, Apple event anticipation, and childhood sayings that annoy or inspire

Once again, tiny techy tots, with their iOS all aglow, will find it hard to sleep. It’s nearly Apple event time, and there may be a few gadgets beyond the expected. I’ll take a look at what might be coming, and I’d love to hear from you about what you’re hoping for.

But there’s more to life than technology you know, oh yes there jolly well is! This week, we’re talking about sayings you heard a lot as a kid. They might be famous clichés or proverbs, or perhaps they’re unique to your parents or family. Some may have contained advice that have stood you in good stead for life and made you the successful, well-adjusted person you are today. Others may have annoyed the soup out of you. I mean, perhaps your parents said to you, “there’s more to life than technology you know, oh yes there jolly well is”! What are the sayings you remember from your childhood.

Bonnie will be back with her bulletin, we’ll look at this day in history, and there’s plenty of room for your contributions via email, phone, audio, Twitter and Facebook.

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