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the described movie Any Which Way You Can from 1980.
Any Which Way You Can is a 1980 American action comedy film, which is the sequel to the 1978 hit comedy Every Which Way but Loose.
Two years after throwing his fight with Tank Murdock, Philo Beddoe is still fighting in underground bare-knuckle boxing matches to make money on the side. Philo decides to retire when he realizes that he has started to enjoy the pain.
Jack Wilson, a new breed of fighter from the east coast who mixes martial arts with boxing is a dominant new fighter. He is so effective at maiming his opponents that his handlers cannot book fights for him.
Directed by: Buddy Van Horn.
Produced by: Robert Daley and Fritz Manes.
Written by: Stanford Sherman and Jeremy Joe Kronsberg.
Starring: Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke, Geoffrey Lewis, William Smith, Harry Guardino and Ruth Gordon.
Cinematography: David Worth.
Edited by: Ron Spang and Ferris Webster.
Production company: The Malpaso Company.
Distributed by: Warner Bros.
Release date: 17 December, 1980.
Running time: 116 minutes.
Country: United States.
Language: English.
Budget: $15 million.
Box office: $70.7 million (North America).
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