We're back live on this week's Mosen Explosion, and the anticipation is building

If four hours of some of the best music ever made coupled with some friendly and engaging conversation sounds like your thing, then you’ll be pleased to know that I’m back live this week with another edition of The Mosen Explosion.

We’ll be taking just a little time during the show to pay tribute to a wonderful woman for whom I am incredibly grateful, Bonnie’s Mum, who died last week.

It’s officially official. The Beatles are indeed releasing a remix of Abbey Road to mark its 50th anniversary. It’s the first time a Dolby Atmos mix of any Beatles album has been made. I’ll describe what you can expect to hear as part of the new extras, and why some of them are so significant. Hurry up 27 September!

Bonnie will be hear with her bulletin, we’ll look back on this day in history, and there’ll be plenty of things to get your views on.

See you on Saturday at 2 PM US Eastern time, 7 PM UK, that’s Sunday morning at 6 AM in New Zealand, only on the mighty Mushroom FM, available on the web, on your smart thing and in all good radio apps.