The Mosen Explosion pays tribute to Sir George martin

At the time I’m usually on the air, I’ll be in the air, heading back from the Blind Citizens Australia convention. That means it’s time to delve into the humungonormous Mosen Explosion archives for a replay of a popular show.

This time, a few listeners have requested to hear again the documentary I put together on the legendary music producer Sir George Martin. It was first aired just after his death in March 2016.

Much of the documentary tells the story of his remarkable partnership wit the Beatles, but we’ll also learn about some of his work before and after the Beatles, and we’ll learn about the man himself.

Join me as we look back on the life of Sir George Martin on The Mosen Explosion, Sunday at 2 PM Eastern, now back again at 7 PM in the UK. That’s Monday morning at 7 AM in New Zealand, and it’s only on Mushroom FM.