Start your February the Fibrous way with The Daily Fibre

On Thursday’s edition of The Daily Fibre, Amazon Alexa lands in Australia and New Zealand, with not all pre-orders shipping out on-time. In the US, Echo gets a very cool new feature for Android users. And you know that pre-Super Bowl Alexa teaser we played a couple of days ago? We can now tell you what it means, or more to the point, doesn’t mean.

Apple’s quarterly earnings call is tomorrow. Will we be able to find out how well iPhone X is doing? We explain how you’ll keep your shiny new HomePod current.

Microsoft has some cool new software updates for iOS.

People are using Facebook a little less, and advocates want them to pull their controversial messenger Kids app.

Another big player leave the watchOS platform, and we here about someone who believed fitness trackers may not be the best way to measure fitness.

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