The Old Snowman Radio Broadcast is being rePlayed

Back in 1999, some friends were starting an internet radio station, and they needed content. So, the Snowman, host of SnowWhiteFM here on the Mushroom, created a pre-recorded talk show to help fill the void. While exampels of the Snowman's production are plentiful throughout, the show was almost exclusively talk. But, it steared clear of divisive subjects like politics and religion. All voices heard during the show are that of the Snowman, including some very lively and animated exchanges.
Very happily, we are dragging out the old shows now, dusting them off, and editing them to concatenate two half hour shows, to make a nice, one hour talk show, and replaying it here on Wednesdays on MushroomFM. The program was decidedly irrelevant when it was popular, and is made even more so by the passage of time. That makes it a great, relaxing listening experience for you. There's nothing to learn, nothing to get mad about, nothing to write down. Its just pure fun. Come listen in, and experience the art of just plain fooling around.
One last thing, if you hear contact info during the show, that involves the call letters WWSNOW, be advised that the weg site, WWSNOW.COM no longer exists.
But, you can send comments to
There are 81 shows in the original series. Shows 1 and 2 will play on the Mushroom, on Wednesday, February 7, 2017. It will be aired twice, one at 6:00 a.m eastern, and again at 8 PM.
Each Wednesday, we'll put up a new show for your enjoyment. Come share in the fun, and tell your friends, the old SRB is back, for another run.