We're on the Ball this Week on Come by the Hills!

No, there are no squares here, with the possible exception of some of the dance tunes. Come by the Hills is back on Sunday night with three hours of amazing Celtic music for your enjoyment. Everything is firmly in its place, all features back where they belong and a whole bunch of great songs to go with them, and of course I'm here as usual with my folky reminiscences and banter about all things Celtic. I just had someone tell me last week that come by the Hills is now firmly established as part of her Sunday night routine, so why not make it part of yours? Tune in at 8:00 PM Eastern, right after Steve Cutway and The Early Years, or if you happen to miss the show then, you can catch it on Friday morning at 4:00 AM Eastern, immediately following Jonathan Mosen's Smorgasbord. It's Come by the Hills, the Celtic music Show, right here on Mushroom FM!