We're Getting Back to Basics this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, after last week's crazy John Barleycornucopia, it's time to get back to the basics and the fundamentals (aren't those the same thing?) of what we do here on Mushroom FM's premier Celtic music show! (Alright, so it's Mushroom FM's only Celtic music show. Ah well.)We'll be hearing some great music by some great bands, and best of all, our features are all back where they should be. We've got a "simple single" in "Me Music" in the first hour, two early bits of Chieftains goodness in "Fiddlin' Around" in the second hour, and a very interesting "Celtic Cover" in the third hour featuring none other than Al Stewart!

So, if you're Sunday needs a shakeup or your Friday needs refreshing, join me for Come by the Hills, Sunday night after Steve and The Early Years or Friday morning following Jonathan and the Smorgasbord!