it's iPhone release weekend on The Mosen Explosion

Tiny tots, with their i's all aglow, that's a lower case i there, found it hard to sleep on Thursday night as we awaited the arrival of the latest phone of i. Yup, this year, the presence came on the 25th of September. I'll be sharing more of my thoughts on the iPhone 6s Plus, and really looking forward to hearing yours if you've bought one of the new gadgets.
To celebrate, I'm looking for your help. I'm putting together a show where the music is inspired by new features in the latest iPhones. 3d touch? Oh yes, I'm sure we can find a few good songs about touch. Live photos? Hmmm, I can think of some photograph and camera songs right away, as well as songs about live or being alive.
And there are plenty of groovy telephone songs as well. I'm sure you can help me build a great playlist.
You're welcome to call with your impressions of the new phones, just to say hi, or to suggest a song. That number, available at any time, is 206-600-5486. You can email or tweet me too. That would be lovely.
It's school holidays right now, and if I can get someone up in time, we'll do a banana report. Bonnie is here with her bulletin, and there are all the usual fun features.
The show starts one hour later for me, and other listeners in new Zealand, since the clocks have gone forward. They forcibly stole an hour of sleep from me? Bah! Bah to this tyrannical government!
I hope you'll join me at 2 Pm Eastern, 7 PM UK, and now 7 AM in New Zealand, for the jolly old Mosen explosion.