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Let's Play the Name Game on the Country Oasis

Names are everywhere. We all have them, (unless you change your name to a symbol), and there are so many songs with names. Maybe the name is right in the title, or maybe the name is in the lyrics of the song. Either way, I'm going to focus on those names this week, and I want your help coming up with songs. So, send me an email or tweet me at CountryOasis. Shirley you can come up with some good songs!

It's Story Time on the Country Oasis

Who doesn't like a good story? And, country music lends itself so well to story-songs. So, on the show tomorrow, I'll be featuring story-songs. Some happy ones, some sad ones, and lots of in between. There's a top ten list of songs according to One Country, so I'll be playing those, along with the commentary that's included with each song. There's still time to get in your favorite story-song request too, so tweet me @Country_Oasis, or send me an email and I'll get it into the playlist.

Words, Words, and More Words on The Country Oasis This Week

I love words. I love reading, and I love word games. And some would even say I love to talk. So, my question is, what do construction, mining, farming, money, time, and numbers all have in common? You probably wouldn't think much, but country music is full of these themes, and somehow I've managed to link them all together for tomorrow's show. And, kind of like one of my word games that I love to play, some of the songs are, ... Well, ... Very loose associations. But, isn't that all part of the fun?

It's Almost Time for Another Country Oasis!

What do pickup trucks, trains, dysfunctional families, booze, and hound dogs have in common? Well, okay, not a lot, really, but there are those, such as my husband, who would claim that this is what country music is all about. I, on the other hand, intend to show you that this is simply not the case, with the Country Oasis, heard every Wednesday on Mushroom FM. Okay, there may be pickup trucks, trains, dysfunctional families, booze and hound dogs in some of the songs I play, but that's just coincidence, I assure you.

It's Almost Time for The Country Oasis

In just under 2.5 hours, I'll be back with another two hours of great and varied country music. Today we're traveling back and forth through time in our virtual time machine talking about all sorts of things. To get in touch to make a request for next week's show, tweet @Country_Oasis or send me an email and I'll get it on for you. Hope to see you soon!

It's Back, and It's ...

Well, I guess that's for you the listener to decide. Starting on Wednesday, that's August 26th at 6 PM Eastern, I'll be back with two hours of fresh, uh, classic country music. I'll be joined by Eddie and Arthur, the wonder budgies, who think that they are famous after two seconds of Winnipeg TV news coverage. They're not birds of Paradise, so they won't be flying up Little Jimmy Dickens's nose, and they won't be participating in the Tennessee Birdwalk. And, they're not whippoorwills, so they don't make me feel lonesome.

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