The Musical History Tour with Ronnie Sevean

About Ronnie

Since the age of 8, Ronnie Sevean wanted to either play professional soccer or be a DJ. After his college playing career didn't yield any pro contracts, he turned to his Communications education and went into radio in the NYC market..the most competitive, cut-throat broadcasting market there is on this or any other planet!

He left the radio profession in the 80's and went into corporate life, all these years later he is still deciding if that was what he should have done!

Having spent nearly 40 years in National Sales roles, he changed careers 3 years ago and now spends his time as a real estate agent as well as hosting the Musical History Tour.

About the Musical History Tour

Each week on The Musical History Tour, Ronnie Sevean picks a theme and plays songs based upon that week's theme. It could be a word, a year, a band, etc. He spans every genre of Music with a strong focus on Rock and Roll.

Some past themes include:

  • Color- songs with a color or the word color in them.
  • The 5 Senses.
  • Pioneers of Rock.
  • Electricity.
  • Doctors and Health.
  • Lawyers and Legal System.
  • Animals.
  • Moon Songs.

Join Ronnie for the Musical History Tour every Monday at 6 AM Eastern, then again on Friday at 6 PM Eastern. To find out when that is where you are, check our schedule.