We're with U on demand


On 16 April, the online global blind community united to raise money for blind people in Ukraine, and those who have now become refugees from Ukraine because of Russia's invasion. We broadcast a concert lasting over 11 hours, where we heard performances from more than 110 blind musicians and a few allies. On the day, we raised over 85,000 USD for the World Blind Union's Ukrainian Unity Fund.

Listeners from around the world were in awe of the talent so generously donated by blind and low vision performing artists. Many have asked if there could be a We're with U album. This is something we would like to have happen, so we can raise even more funds for blind Ukrainians who need our help. We will keep you informed.

In the meantime, you can listen to the concert on-demand, and navigate the file to hear portions you may have missed.

Mushroom FM would like to thank the many Internet radio stations who agreed to carry this event, the World Blind Union and the National Federation of the Blind for their infrastructural support.

If you have not done so yet, or if you feel you can spare a little more, we encourage you to please give what you can to the World Blind Union's Ukrainian Unity Fund. You can make a donation here.

Listen to We're with U on demand

We appreciate that not everyone was able to hear all 11 hours of our event. If you missed part or all of the concert, you can hear it here.