This Week, Come By The Hills Will Leave You Wanting More!

Well, of course it's true that Mushroom FM's best Celtic Music show--wait, I guess it's Mushroom FM's only Celtic Music show, but never mind that now--always leaves its listeners hungering for more folky favourites even though it's three--count 'em!--three hours long, but this week, there's a bonus! Yes, we have a partially unsolved mystery to deal with in our "What's That About?" feature.

I know that by now you expect me simply to have all the answers all the time, but what's life without a little mystery? Not worth living, I say. So, while there will be some answers forthcoming to exactly what our lovely and haunting Welsh tune is about at the end of the show, we'll have to revisit this lovely and haunting Welsh tune on a subsequent show to give you the full explanation of its lyrics. I actually have a friend who has offered to listen to the song and to translate the lyrics for me. The fact that she is a Welsh enthusiast of the first order should make this a fun task for her and a great help to me.

In the meantime, of course we'll be having our other usual features, including something like thirteen whole minutes of jigging and reeling goodness in "Fiddlin' Around" in the second hour, and we'll hear a Dr. Hook cover of a well-known Irish-Australian folk song in the third hour when we present "Celtic Covers."

So, while I can't compete with the victoriousness of Jonathan and his heroic efforts to recover his computer from its catastrophic failure this week, I can promise you three wonderful hours of great Celtic music and friendly Sara-esque banter to while away what remains of your weekend.

So, join me for Come By The Hills on Sunday at 8:00 PM Eastern right after The Early Years with Steve Cutway, or on Friday morning at 4:00 AM Eastern following Jonathan and his Smorgasbord. I promise it'll be worth your while!