The "Live at Leeds" you've never heard, a Bust Benefit, and commemorating a late legend this week on The Depths

Greetings fellow music travelers.

This week's journey through The Depths will be our last one together for a while as I will be going on indefinite hiatus to take care of some work and family things.

For our final trip together for a while, I have some special features planned.

First, we will take a deep dive into the Who's iconic album, "Live at Leeds." I will share some stories about what the band was going through at the time, as well as the performance, recording and editing of the concert. Then, I will reach into my archives, and we will listen to the unedited versions of the four songs from the concert that have still never been commercially released in their complete form.

In the second hour, we will travel back, exactly 50 years to the day, to the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco. ON that night, four legendary San Francisco bands gave a benefit concert to raise money for the Grateful Dead's defense after a big drug bust in New Orleans a month earlier. Quicksilver Messenger service, It's a Beautiful Day, Santana, and The Jefferson Airplane all played for free that night, and we will spend the whole hour enjoying some of these performances.

then, in the third hour, we switch from the hippy vibes of psychedelia to some good old fashion hard rock. forty years ago this week, Bon Scott, the dynamic original front man for AC/DC tragically passed away. We'll enjoy an entire hour of incendiary live performances from Bon and the boys.

For the final hour, we will journey once again back to 1970, and enjoy performances from various rock festivals from that year. We'll listen to extremely rare performances from Traffic, The Doors, and Ten Years after just to name a few.

This will be a very special four hours of music and stories, and I invite you to come along on our auditory excursion.

Our journey begins Saturday night, promptly at 11:00 PM eastern, immediately following the Snowman. It will repeat on Wednesday at 4:00 PM eastern.

Open your ears, and your mind, and descend with me into The depths.

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