Easter Sunday on Viva: The Classical Music Show

At 8am Sunday US eastern time or 8pm Tuesday in NZ, celebrate the Easter season with me. I look forward to your company.

This week on Viva, we have Bach, Wagner and, somebody you don't hear much of, Mascagni.

We kick off the celebration of Eastertide with Bach's Easter Oratorio (BWV249). First performed in April 1725, keep an ear out for the first chorus, "Come Hasten And Run" which is particularly famous. Also the first two movements (probably recycled from an earlier concerto) are rather beautiful with the oboe solo. The recording is conducted by Bach biographer Sir John Elliot-Gardner with the English Baroque soloists and the Monteverdi Choir. This groups work with Purcell's semi-operas is also worth checking out.

Wagner's "Good Friday Music" from Parsifal continues the programme performed here by The Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by Daniel Barenboeim. Often heard as here , as a solo piece of music , this marks the return of Parsifal from looking for the Holy Grail. He is told by his friend that it is Good Friday, the day the world should be cleansed.

We conclude our Easter celebration with the Easter Hymn by Mascagni. Taken from his one act masterpiece, cavaliera Rusticana, it is worth waiting for.

Mara Kelland will see you then. Don't forget you can tweet @musicalmara or email mara@mushroomfm.com should you want to get in touch.