Sara smiles Gets Positively Piratical on Wednesday!

Ahoy ye land-lubbers! As September 19 has been designated as Talk like a Pirate Day for some years now, I've decided to cast off my inhibitions, throw caution overboard, and sail into the next episode of Sara Smiles in my piratical persona as Captain Sara of the dreaded ship Castigator, terror of the Mushroom Main! I'm going to attempt to do all my voice-breaks using pirate lingo! Trust me, this is an event you won't want to miss! We've even got a special Talk Like a Pirate Day song courtesy of a loyal listener!

Don't worry! You'll still hear all your favourite music from the four decades of magic mushroom memories. There'll just be a little bit of swash-buckling to contend with. So, when the sun is just over the yard-arm (that's at noon Eastern,) tune in for the Talk Like a Pirate Day episode of Sara Smiles. You can also catch it at midnight eastern on the replay. Shiver me timbers! It'll be grand!