It's Another John Barleycorn Special, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, this week we're pulling out all the stops on Mushroom FM's Premier Celtic Music Show, because we'll be featuring a number of different versions of a folk song, likely English in origin, which is all about the planting, harvesting and distilling of barley. Barley has been a staple of human existence for thousands of years. It, along with wheat and other grains, was why we gave up hunting and gathering and became stay-at-home farmers first, and then built civilizations. No one's really sure when the song John Barleycorn came into existence, but it has been performed by many artists to many tunes, and has differring sets of lyrics depending on who's singing it.

This will be the second of these specials, and for the occasion, I've added a few new versions to the mix. So, if you're interested in this truly timeless tale of planting, harvesting and distilling, (the distilling's the most important part, you know,) then join me on Sunday night right after The Early Years with Steve Cutway, catch the replay on Friday morning after Jonathan Mosen and The Daily Fibre, or check out the archive at: It'll be a fun show with plenty of the juice of the barley to go arouned!