Festive Folk is Back this Week on Come by the Hills!

It's beginning, just beginning mind you, to look a lot like Christmas here on Mushroom FM, so we're just beginning to crack open the Christmas surprises on Come by the Hills. Remember those chocolate Advent calendars you used to get when you were a kid? (Actually, I never got one, but my cousins had them.) Well, I've decided to treat Christmas music a little bit like that this year. You used to only be allowed to open one calendar square per day as Christmas approached so that the excitement could last as long as possible. so this is what I'm doing. Starting tonight on Come by the Hills, I'm sprinkling festive songs in with our usual fair, but by the time Christmas itself is here, I'll be pulling out all the stops. So, don't worry. AS time goes on, there will be enough Christmas Celtic music for everyone's taste, likely too much in fact. But I think we'll start quietly and slowly tonight, making it last and savouring it a little bit before we go all out.

So, join me tonight after Steve and The Early Years, or on Friday following Jonathan and The Smorgasbord for a Celtic show with just a bit of a festive flare and the promise of lots more to come as the weeks progress!