The Richter Scale Season Finale, This Friday!

This is it.

The Thirteenth episode of Season One of the Richter Scale.
This is the episode where we will find the answers to the questions we've been asking ourselves all season.

"Which version of blinded by the light is the proper version?"
"Can you set rules about what a band can call themselves?"
"Will our hero survive?"

All this and more will be revealed in this, the final episode of this season of the Richter Scale.
Don't worry though, Season Two will be starting next week with all new features and music.

You can participate in the show by sending a Tweet @MosenRichard and using the #MushroomFM Hashtag or
by sending Richard an email at

The time is 6PM to 8PM Eastern This Friday, and then replayed at 3AM-5Am Eastern on Sunday.

Be there.