On Today's The Blind Side, a human rights victory in Canada's skies, and news from the UK

The Blind Side is Mushroom FM's daily current affairs show from a blindness perspective.

Today on the Blind Side, Aussie Census, Kiwi online grocery shopping, and lots of tech news

The Blind Side is Mushroom FM's daily current affairs show from a blindness perspective.

Today, we spend a bit of time in the southern hemisphere. On 9 August, Australia is conducting their census, held every five years. How can blind people participate in the process fully and accessibly? Jonathan Mosen speaks with Rikki Chaplin of Blind Citizens Australia who talks about the work the Australian Bureau of Statistics has done to ensure that blind Australians count.

Today on The Blind Side, comprehensive coverage of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The Blind Side is Mushroom FM's daily current affairs show from a blindness perspective.

Happy anniversary! Yes, it's only The Blind Side's second day on air, but today's the big day for Windows users as Microsoft starts rolling out the much anticipated Windows 10 anniversary update.

This is a significant update with many new features and even more minor tweaks. So what can you expect? If you've been holding out on making the leap to Windows 10, is now the time to take the plunge?

Today on The Blind Side, accessible health kiosks, home appliance shopping and more.

The Blind Side is Mushroom FM's daily current affairs show from a blindness perspective.

You Asked, we listened. A replay of The Blind Side at a UK-friendly time

The Blind Side, our current affairs show from a blindness perspective, airs every week day at 7 Pm Eastern time. There's a lot of excitement about finally having a daily show where our issues can be discussed and debated in a timely manner.

That excitement was slightly diminished for some of our UK audience, who wrote in after the announcement to say that they wanted to hear the show, but wouldn't be able to because of the time it was airing.

Anthony is in the Shed again.

That’s right, I’m back again for the last time this month. Can’t believe August is just around the corner.
From 11pm Eastern tonight, that’s 4am Sunday in the UK, and 3pm Sunday in good old New Zealand, it’ll be four hours of fun, music, and of course the usual features.
To contact me during the show, e-mail:
anthony at mushroomfm dot com
Or you can find me on Twitter: @kiwisnake
Look forward to seeing ya!

The Explosion features more magical mushroom Mosen Malarkey and Mayhem

I had to do it! I had to find a way to get "malarkey" into the show description this week after Joe Biden got it trending on Twitter. And it's not difficult, because you can always guarantee that the Mosen Explosion will present four hours of malarkey.

Beware! It's Bonair

Beware! It’s Bonair Saturday 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. EST right here on and in all your fav music apps. There are no political conventions this week—only the Monday morning quarterbacking, so I will share my own thoughts, along with playing your requests. In “Food for Thought” you will learn about a healthy recipe for shepherd’s pie, a wintertime favourite in the UK and the commonwealth. So cozy up to the computer with the ac or heat pump blasting and enjoy two hours of your life you won’t regret.

Announcing our new daily news and current events show, The Blind Side

After considerable planning and preparation, Mushroom FM is proud to announce The Blind Side, a news and current events show proudly from a blindness perspective.

About The Blind Side

The Blind Side is a magazine-style show, hosted by Jonathan Mosen, that includes news, interviews, technology and lifestyle programming, interspersed with some great music.

I humbly accept your nomination to host The Mosen Explosion

Here we are in this glorious little hiatus between US major party conventions. If you're like me and can't turn them off, but feel the need to decompress before the next one, then join me for four fun-filled hours of music and conversation on the Mosen Explosion Party.

Here is our Mosen Explosion party platform, adopted by acclamation when I clapped my hands to applaud it.

The food and beverages of your choice are completely, utterly, totally, absolutely free of charge as long as you bring them yourself.


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